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In my world, there are frequent debates, filibusters, monologues, and grimaces with a twist, with wordless poetry. My art only reflects the cosmic laws of the Big Bang, where the artworks are small stops or fixation points in a strive outwards.

I am a visual artist that works parallelly with sculptures, collage, paintings, models, photography, and books. I am mainly inspired by cartoons and collaborative projects. The common elements of my projects are a sense of spontaneity, intensity, expansion, and absurdity.  

Cooperation and collective projects are a leading force for my work. In addition to both long- and short-term artistic collaborations, I have participated in running several galleries for art and music.  

I was born in 1955 in Lund, Sweden. I studied at Trondheim Academy of Fine Art and at the Jan van Eyck Akademie in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Today, I am the father of four children, and I live and work in Oslo and Halden.  


Studios and rental space

I have two main studios, one in Tistedal and one in Oslo. The 130 square meter studio in Tistedal is available for rent. Find more information and photos of the studio in the PDF file below. 


Studio Tistedal


Studio Trosterudvillaen, Oslo


PJ's Survival Kit

1.P.J.S.K.-15x10cm-print på plast-5 eks-

Buying this survival kit makes my survival possible.



+47 47 31 31 58

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