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Krea10voli – "Art from an architectural perspective."

1989–1990. Rom for arkitektur, Oslo. In cooperation with Lars Paalgard.

The exhibition consisted of a hundred elements, including models, sculptures, and photography. All the titles had a "tivolistic" or a "numerolistic" approach. In Norwegian, "ti" in Tivoli means ten (10). For example, the megacity Tivolipolis, one of the elements of the exhibition, had one billion inhabitants. Ten Tivolipolises is mankind's expansion potential: 10 exponents 10 – a holy number for Tivolians.


The exhibition contained ten models, placed on pedestals, which all modeled the room in which they were situated. On the wall, black and white photos were mounted, each picture containing nine imploding photos taken from above or from the doorway. Some of the hundred elements of the exhibition contained a further ten projects or ten ideas. For example, one of the models included another ten models. 

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