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Megalomania – rebuilding Oslo city.

1999. In cooperation with Kenneth Langås.

The concept of the Megalomania project was to place billboards showing utopian architectural construction plans at building sites and other interesting places in the city. We ended up placing billboards at ten different sites, with several projects, including a City Museum, a new Zoo, Urbatron, and 30 000 artist studios. Afterward, we recorded the discussion that arose among the audience in the street.


The project was later exhibited at Kunstnernes Hus. In one of the exhibition spaces, we made an installation where we stored Sundolit foamboards in piles. In between the boards, we placed video screens showing the different building sites, where you could also overhear the discussion from the street. Furthermore, in between, under, and behind, architectural models were squeezed in wherever they could fit. The project was also exhibited online with further detailed information. 

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