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2006-2009. Made in cooperation with Lars Paalgard. 

The Fifty/Fifty project developed out of another project that I did five years earlier. It was a glue-gun project in which I invited several artists to bring a few personal items to my studio in Oslo, where we mixed them together with my collection of readymades. The artists glued together artworks in time intervals. They worked in small groups in each setting and frequently changed positions with each other. The result was a bunch of mishmashed objects from which Lars Paalgard and I selected ten works. We then made ten times bigger versions of these objects, always in pairs; one colored as the original and the other mirrored in off-white. Everything was made in foamboards and building foam. Some of them were motorized, some had video projections attached, and some had loudspeakers installed, playing self-composed sound.


The exhibition toured Norway for three years and expanded little by little during that time. Afterward, in a five-year period, we also made three public artworks loosely inspired by the 50/50 show (see public works).

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