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EndagbokBord-5x0.9m-20 kunstnere på 20 d

Artist book workshops

In later years, artist books have become my main focus. The books are produced with no plan, no goal, and no purpose. I'll sometimes start in the middle and work in both directions. It's all about trusting one's instincts.


With this as the guiding principle, I have arranged workshops for a broad audience: children, adults, seniors, families, people with disabilities, and professional artists.  The books are sewn together by hand, using traditional bookbinding techniques. Artistic content is then produced through improvisation, with no specific direction or purpose. In this way, spontaneity and a sense of play is the driving force of an expansive, creative process. 

WippBøker-23x32cm-10 bøker-2021.jpg


Books have always been an important part of my artistic work, both as a source of inspiration and ideas as well as being independent artworks. 20 years of teaching and several workshops with other artists have resulted in an extensive collection of artist books. See and "flip" through a selection of books at

Do you want to learn how to make artist books?

Are you interested in learning how to make your own unique artist books? I offer workshops for all kinds of groups – children, adults, professional artists, and people with special needs. My workshops have a 50/50 focus on technique and creativity, and you will learn both the traditional techniques of sewing a book from start to finish and the creative process of producing individual, artistic content. Contact me at or read more about my workshops in the PDF below (Norwegian).


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