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Tal för en Tysk, Reden für einen Schweden

1992, the Netherlands. "Speech for a German, Speech for a Swede," In cooperation with Helmut Lemke (Germany).

The theme of the project was hierarchies, and the exhibition was based around twelve podiums that I had already made for another exhibition. Helmut Lemke, a sound and performance artist from Bielefeld, was invited to develop the concepts and ideas. Beforehand, we faxed each other texts daily between Germany, Norway, and the Netherlands.


One element consisted of multiple tape recorders all playing the same tape stretched from recorder to recorder. I and Helmut recorded speeches on opposite sides of the room using microphones, on podiums facing each other, and the speeches moved physically on the tape across the exhibition space. The audience could then listen to the speeches on the other podiums, which were equipped with headphones. Another element was showing all our projects on slide carousels mounted on podiums with projections in the ceiling. The audience could follow us around the room as we talked about the different projects one by one. 


All of these projects ended up as small photographs in big frames, with walkmans attached so that the audience could listen to the project's sound space. 

A final element was a weekend performance festival, where artists from Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden were invited.

The project was sponsored by Ritter Sport.

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